1.       David Dahl-OF-19



-2013 was a lost year for Dahl as he was demoted to complex league for missing a flight three games into the season and once he returned to full season ball a hamstring injury ended his season early.Dahl is a potential fantasy monster who features plus bat speed and good bat control.Dahlís hit tool could easily end up as grade 6 or 7 and he shows raw power that should develop into game power as he matures.Dahl runs well also and has a chance to become a legitimate 5-tool talent who happens to play 81 games a year at Coors Field which is music to fantasy ownersí ears.


-Outlook:I really liked Dahl going into last year and was disappointed that he lost a full year of development.The talk of Dahl having makeup issues is a joke as by all accounts he is a hard worker who really wants nothing more than to be a great player.I see Dahl achieving that goal and am quite confident that he will settle in as a .280 type hitter who hits 20-25 jacks and mixes in 15+ steals for good measure.


ETA: 2015


2.       Francisco Lindor-SS-21


-Lindor is the best defensive SS in the minors, and itís not really close, but in reality all that means here is that heís a lock to stick at SS.As a hitter Lindor is a line drive machine from both sides of the plate who really controls the strike zone well for a player of his age. Lindor lacks impact power and doesnít have great speed which may limit his fantasy ceiling some.


-Outlook: Lindor has hit at every level through his young minor league career and I see no reason why that wonít continue as he progresses.I see Lindor developing into a .300 hitter who adds strength as he matures and settles in as a 10-15 home SS who steals 15+ bases which makes you a middle tier starting SS in FBLO and thereís nothing wrong with that.


ETA: August 2014


3.       Austin Meadows-OF-18



-Meadows, the Pirates top pick in 2013, has all the tools to be a potential impact player in FBLO at some point in the future.Meadows is not as advanced with the bat, nor does he possess the bat speed, as fellow 2013 draftee Clint Frazier but heís no slouch himself.Meadows has struggled a bit against better velocity which has raised some concerns with scouts but he does show excellent raw power that has yet to translate into games.Meadows is a good runner who may lose a little speed as he fills out but he should still end up with average to above average speed.


-Outlook: Meadows is a really good athlete and it make take him some time to transition from athlete to baseball player but if Pittsburgh is patient he has all the tools to succeed.I donít feel as good about Meadows as I have about some other young hitters, like Frazier, but I do thing he becomes a useful fantasy player.Iím comfortable predicting something along the lines of Meadows becoming a .260 hitter with 20-25 homers and 15-20 steals.Those numbers may not jump off the page at you as a star but Meadows has all the looks of a solid #2/3 OF type in FBLO.


ETA: 2016


4.       Alex Meyer-RHP-24



-Meyer looked dominant at times in AA in 2013 and shoulder issues were the only thing to slow him down.Meyer is a massive human being who stands 6í9íí tall and hitters have said it feels like he is in the box with you at times.Meyerís length makes his high 90s heater even more difficult to handle for hitters, especially with all the arm side run the pitch features.Meyerís secondary offerings are topped by a wipeout slider that is already a plus offering and has a chance to get better with some improvements in command.The third offering is a bit more iffy, as Meyer throws a change that has shown plus at times but lacks consistency.Meyers command is below average at this point but has been steadily improving since his junior year at Kentucky.


-Outlook:Meyer is one of the more difficult guys to get a good feel for as many scouts see a future #2 starter while others insist heíll end up as an elite closer.At this point I see Meyer getting every chance to start and I think he develops into a mid-rotation type who flashes brilliance at times and struggles mightily with command and repeating his delivery at other times.Iím trying to avoid comps whenever possible this year but Meyer looks a lot like a Justin Masterson type for me.


ETA: June 2014


5.       Daniel Corcino-RHP-23



-Corcinoís 2013 was nothing short of a dumpster fire and I honestly did a double take when I saw he was still on a FBLO roster right now.Corcino is a complete mess right now as he has tinkered with his arm slot and lost a ton of velocity since last spring.Things have gotten so bad that Corcino was dropped from the rotation at AAA and now seems destined to be a reliever in the majors, if he even gets there.



2013 Top Prospects:


1.       Francisco Lindor-SS

2.       Robert Stephenson-RHP

3.       Alex Meyer-RHP

4.       Daniel Corcino-RHP

5.       Tyler Thornburg-RHP


System Overview:

-I donít love the Braves system but I do love the addition of David Dahl this offseason.†† Dahl is the only big time impact type of talent here as Lindor is a better baseball prospect than a fantasy one.Meadows and Meyer have a chance to be solid contributors but I donít see impact talents.I would like to see a few more prospects added to the roster and please God someone put Dan Corcino out to pasture.